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Are You Remodeling for Value or Comfort?

Make your house the home youíve always wanted.

Rather than go further into debt, todayís savvy homeowners are remodeling kitchens, taking out walls and adding new rooms to avoid facing a new mortgage in todayís market. Remember: Just because your home has always been this way, doesnít mean it has to STAY this way!

At Kustom Construction, we believe you should never have to choose between value and comfort. A professional remodel or addition is the fastest way to add bottom-line value to your home.

Whether you are looking to remodel your home or need more office space, stay where you are. Donít move. Youíve grown comfortable and why should the kids have to relocate. Just improve the space you're in. Besides itís a known fact that it costs money to sell (about 9%). On a $100K home, thatís† $9,000 and on a $200K home, itís† $18,000. In todayís economy every penny counts

1)††† Peace of Mind- All those things that you always see but never have time to fix: Donít let them bother you any more.

2)††† Need more space

3)††† †Safety - Building codes have changed for a reason.
††††††† a. Smoke Detectors
††††††† b. Electrical- Do your circuits keep popping off when you turn the coffee pot on?† Making your place a fire hazard?†††††††††††††††
††††††† c. Heat & Air conditioning systems are an important factor in controlling mold†††††††††††††††††††††††††††

4)††† Cutting energy costs - Windows and doors can pay for themselves even faster today when you consider how much you would save yearly on our ever-increasing Gas/Electric.

5)††† Always be in Resale Mode:
a.††† Refinancing or relocating.†
b.††† That house youíve had your eye on suddenly comes on the market
Youíll want to sell your home quickly and don't have time for repairs.

6)††† Make your spouse happy so thereís no moving and relocation hassles

And finally

Do the improvements now and you can enjoy them. Those improvements will just cost more later and besides you will get more money for the property in the future if you do sell. Why fix it up for someone else to enjoy when you can actually get paid to have it done?

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