"...we are sincerely thankful for all you have done..."

This letter of thanks is long overdue. We are sincerely thankful for all you have done for our Church to successfully repair roof leaks that have plagued us for years. Even after leaks that resulted from recent 70mph+ winds and rain from a very strong hurricane, your prompt response to identify and correct the causes of some new leaks was above and beyond what most contractors would have covered under our original five year “no-leak” warranty.

Your assistance in identifying significant hail damage to our roof that should have been covered by our insurance saved us thousands of dollars that would have been needed to repair that damage without insurance reimbursement.

Your crew went above and beyond our expectations to fix leaks, replace ceiling tiles, repair wallboard, and replace a beam in the balcony with a beautiful oak replacement. The new carpet, exterior beam and vertical supports were way beyond what we expected.

And after all that, your gift to our church of total refinishing of our front doors was most appreciated. That work was incredibly beautiful and most appreciated by all our congregational membership.

Your work and gifts to our congregation are greatly appreciated, and we sincerely value the relationship you have created and maintained with our church.

-Brian Krause

"...listened to my ideas and transformed them into a beautiful living space..."

I would like to express my appreciation and thank everyone at Kustom Construction for the outstanding customer service and excellence in quality craftsmanship I received during my recent home renovation project. From the start of planning the project design, Victor listened to my ideas and transformed them into a beautiful new creative living space, which allows me to enjoy my home and back yard. During each phase of the build out project, I received detailed information and helpful updates from your office manager Joe. Throughout the entire process, the job site was kept exceptionally neat and clean and each employee at Kustom Construction maintained a superior level of professionalism and excellence in quality service. Each night, I returned home from work and was able to admire remarkable progress. Thank you for providing me with such a rewarding stress free experience. I have, and will continue to make recommendations to my closest friends and family because I would want them to benefit from your team of experts at Kustom Construction. Please allow your future clients to contact me, without hesitation, so I may be honored with the ability to share my experience.


"I highly recommend Kustom Construction..."

Remodeling or adding onto your home is more than a little intimidating.  Stories abound regarding rip off companies, legitimate companies that go bankrupt in the middle of the construction, sloppy jobs, haggles with the foreman or owner, not getting what you pay for, cost overruns, and more.  I was plenty scared.

Being scared and totally ignorant of construction, and not even completely sure of exactly what I wanted, I began my quest by contacting a remodeling company with a big name in San Antonio.  They were very nice, very professional, and way out of my price range.  Later, I found out they were notorious for dragging their projects out for long periods of time. Whew!  Saved by a tight pocket book.

I met with other contractors: some from the yellow pages and others recommended by coworkers who had remodeled their homes.  In the course of meeting with them, I learned very few contractors have the expertise to do what I knew I wanted done.  I wanted an upstairs deck and the downstairs to be enclosed; a sunroom of sorts.  The floor of the deck was to be the ceiling of the sunroom.  In addition, I knew I did not yet have all the money to complete all that I wanted so my project would have to be done in phases.  These two requirements eliminated most contractors.  I was about to think my addition was further out of reach than I had anticipated.

Then Kustom Construction was recommended to me.  I met with Victor and he assured me he had the expertise to construct my upstairs deck.  We met several times after that working on estimates and determining all that could be included, must be included, in phase one.  Victor was very patient.  First of all, I wasn’t 100% sure of all I wanted and secondly, when it comes to construction, I’m not very adept at articulating what I do want and, thirdly, my husband and I didn’t always agree.  Victor worked with us through all of this. He offered suggestions to help us compromise where we disagreed.  He also worked with my homeowners association and city to get all plans approved. It was almost effortless for me from this point.

Phase I and phase II have been completed and phase III will begin shortly.  I am so happy with my addition.  My upstairs deck exceeded my expectations.  It’s beautiful!  The construction is superb.   Downstairs, I love my big walk in pantry, which, by the way, wasn’t even conceived by me until phase II.  All the work was done on budget and in a timely manner.  The only surprises were pleasant ones. The construction workers were very accommodating, friendly, and non-invasive. I trusted them with my home.  I trusted them in my home.

I highly recommend Kustom Construction for any construction or remodeling projects.


"...our privacy was always respected, and our time..."

I, Suzanne Freerking, Owner, Service Your Way, was lucky enough to be referred to Victor Rodriguez of Kustom Construction, via my BNI San Antonio, Business Coalition Chapter, Sponsor, Pat Wilems.  Because of this meeting/referral, I am now the proud owner of a spacious, warm, bright, happy home office.

When Victor and I first met in my office, the office was cramped, poorly lit, and not user friendly.  My main need was for more windows; but much to my amazement, Victor actually listened to my hopes and dreams for the ultimate in home improvement.  I voiced a love for light, more natural if possible; my unhappiness with reflections from my computer screen; my love of being able to set-up my office, my way, without having to receive anyone else’s approval; and my hopes, dreams, and desires to keep finances low, but, product level high (yep, did not realize these two could ever be combined).  My husband, Ron, had specified the need to not finance, but pay off the remodeling upon completion.  Victor made this possible.  He listened, when a proposal for placement over out garage, was proposed by Nieves Gonzalez of Snows Appraisal Service and myself.   Victor processed the finances, with pros and cons regarding this proposal, within a few days.  Financially impossible due to our pay off requirement; however, all options were presented without questioning me, as a female business owner in a man’s world, with a man’s, my spouse’s, money.

Construction began in February.  After previous remodeling nightmares of ‘transitional’ workers, no real onsite point of contact, unreliable times regarding work schedule, as well as lack of control over happenings in our home, I really was not looking forward to reliving the nightmare again; but realized, it must be done.

Two young men, Todd and Terry, showed up and respectfully, each and every day, let us know their progress, comings and goings, timetable for each item of completion, and any problems encountered, few occurred, and all completely, successfully resolved.  They answered our questions, in a language we understood, and respected our home and us.

Only thru Victor, were we lucky enough to have this comfortable experience with a beautiful, spacious office outcome.  Our home remained our home, our privacy was always respected, and our time was always considered and respected.  This is not common with construction experiences as our friends and acquaintances have noted.  Ron has already referred Kustom Construction to a co-worker; and, we both will continue to do so without reservations of any type.

Thank you, Kustom Construction, Pat Wilems, and most of all Victor for this experience void of ‘nightmares.’  We are forever in your debt.

Owner, Service Your Way